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Electronic Center

In Data Revive Laboratory we have the knowledge, experience and equipment to resolve most kinds of computer electronic problems, in the best prices of the market!

We are able to service most brands of laptop and desktop motherboards. There are many symptoms your computer may exhibit if the capacitors, transistors, microchips or/and other on-board electronic components are beginning to fail. Here are some symptoms:

  • Your system fails to boot.
  • Your system becomes unstable or halt.
  • You have to boot and then reboot to get the system to P.O.S.T.
  • Your fans and power lights come on but the system still does not boot.
  • Your system reboots or shuts off while working on it.

Most Common Laptop Failures:

  • VGA/Northbridge Chip overheating problem.
  • Motherboard damage due to power surge.
  • Motherboard liquid damage.
  • LCD inverter failure.
  • LCD/LED screen crash/damage
  • HDD damage due to physical wear or accident.
  • Damage on any type of port / jack on the motherboard (power jack, USB port, ethernet port e.t.c.).

We are also able to repair any IT related devices such as routers, LAN switches, LCD monitors for laptop and desktop computers and many other hardware which others would consider them unrepairabe.



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