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Electronic Data Destruction

Confidential and sensitive data is no longer limited to paper-based products. Data Revive Laboratory is equipped to destroy data, with 100% guaranteed secure, from a variety of storage media including computer hard drives, flash memories, smartphones etc.

We are Blancco® Certified. Blancco® Data Cleaner (BDC) is the world leading secure data destruction tool. BDC is accredited to the UK Government HMG IA Standard No. 5 (previously InfoSec Standard 5 Enhanced). Blancco® erases data on hard disk drives to the highest available standard and specification globally.

Each Erasure performed will produce an Erasure Report guaranteeing and confirming the Status of the Erasure (Erased or Not Erased) and also including all details of the HDD (e.g. Manufacturere, Serial Number, Size, Model etc.). The report will also include all details of the erased PC (e.g. Model, Manufacturer, Chasis, Asset Tag, Computer Name, Windows License Number, DVD driver, etc.).

Onsite data destruction service available

Our mobile data destruction unit provides onsite Blancco® data wiping and data unit shredding services to businesses that would value the additional reassurance of data removal or destruction on their own premises.


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Data erased by Data Revive Lab cannot be recovered with any existing technology.

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