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About Flash Memory

When we say "Flash memory" we mean all kind of electronic memory without mechanical parts, like USB Memorystics, Memory cards (SD-MMC-MS-CF...), cell phone internal memory etc.

This kind of memory is widely used in all portable/mobile devices which we use almost every day (cell phones, cameras, tablets etc)  and that means higher possibilities of failure. In these situations usually data loss is not affordable.

Data Revive Laboratory is here once more to help. With the best NAND Data Recovery equipment of the industry and the deep knowledge on how NAND memories works we are able to solve most challenges!

Architecture of Flash Memory

Flash memory consist of the interface (USB), controller chip and memory chip(s). Controller chip is responsible for the communication with the interface and for the distribution of data among the memory chip(s) / memory cells.

Flash Arch

Common Malfunctions of Flash Memory


The most common failure is the failure of controller because of it being highly sensitive in electric discharges.
Also, because of the very complex architecture of this kind of memory, the memory cells are limited to a maximum number of writes. That means that each memory cell (sector) is able to be written only few thousands times and then it dies. That makes the "write" algorithm very complicated in order to equally use all number of sectors and help the memory to live longer, resulting in more complicated and non-standard controllers and harder data recovery procedure.

Removing the USB memories without "safely remove procedure" usually results in data corruption or even in controller failure.

Malfunction of memory chips is very rare, although sometimes it happens. More often we see damaged memory chips from DIY recovery efforts. DIY is not recommended in such a special procedure. In these cases data recovery becomes very difficult and sometimes impossible.


Flash   Nand Memory Chip  NAND BGA Type Memory

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