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Data Revive Laboratory was founded with aim to specialize in the data recovery field. We have the expertise, experience and continue to follow the footprints of the data recovery technology. With appropriate tools we can provide professional Data Recovery services to companies and individuals alike.

The data is invaluable and losing them can cost even the complete destruction. With us you can feel safe and secure. We recover data from all consumer devices - including any type of hard disks (SATA, IDE, SAS, SCSI) internal or external, RAID systems, memory cards, USB memory sticks.

But our vision doesn’t stop here! We know that the data recovery is the last chance for a business to revive from a disaster; the point is to keep a business organized, safe and available. Using our knowledge in electronic/computer engineering with combination of the Information Techonology, we provide comprehensive and cost effective solutions for all small/medium business. Such as network, servers, storage, backups etc.

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